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Dr. Stewart, PhD, LCSW, FACAPP, PA

About Dr. Stewart

Dr. Stewart has an earned PhD in psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida. In addition, he is an elected member of the American Psychological Association and is a Fellow of the American College of Advanced Practice Psychotherapists. Only the most experienced practitioners earn that designation.

He has been a provider of behavioral health services since 1979. As veteran of the US naval service, he is sensitive to the behavioral health needs of the veteran.

As a Fellow of the American College of Advanced Practice Psychotherapists, Dr. Stewart provides quality and effective psychotherapy. Only the most professionally trained and experienced professionals earn that designation. Additionally, Dr. Stewart is a certified hypnotherapist, Dementia Care Specialist, certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and in clinical hypnosis. Disability evaluations can be performed, as well as evaluation for autistic spectrum disorders or attention deficit disorders.

We specialize in the assessment of and treatment of depression and anxiety (including PTSD). In addition, we provide effective treatment of substance abuse disorders (eg, alcohol abuse/alcoholism, other drug abuse/dependence) as well disorders of childhood, sexual issues, and relationship problems. If you are planning to marry, we are registered with Osceola County to provide premarital counseling, thus shortening your wait for a marriage license and discounting its cost.


About Moraima Medina

I was born in Cuba, raised in New York and able to provide counseling in English and Spanish. I have been helping children and families since 1984 in different professional settings and bring all my experience to provide a safe environment for my clients free of judgement. I have a master’s degree and I am licensed Mental Health Counselor. I believe that therapy is about the client, and I meet the client where they are and work with them to help guide them to where they want to be. I use a combination of modalities in my sessions to assist the client in gaining insight, reaching their goals, managing their emotions and improving functioning.